ballet8Don’t wear dance shoes outside and put names in dance shoes. If you have gently used dance shoes that your dancer has outgrown, please donate them back to our dance exchange bin – proceeds go to scholarship fund or trade up to the next size. Our recommendation for quality dancewear locally is Fuzi, 4704 Pacific Ave. S.E.#A, Lacey (360-786-0226).  Another option is Discount Dance Supply ( – enter studio code TP28785). Please don’t buy toy or satin ballet shoes.

Pre-Ballet Boys/Ballet Boys:

Black tights or dance pants, dance belt (for Beginner 4 and up), black or white soft ballet slippers OR (for young boys or beginners) shorts with elastic waist, T-shirt, socks, ballet slippers.

Ballet/Pre-Ballet Girls:

SHOES/TIGHTS FOR ALL LEVELS: Girls in all levels should wear pink tights and pink soft ballet slippers; darker skinned dancers may wear flesh-colored tights and flesh colored soft ballet slippers that match the color of their tights (tights should be matte not shiny or Lycra.)

Pre-Ballet 3, 4, and K girls: leotard (any color or style), hair pulled back.

Pre-Ballet 1st girls: pink leotard (any style), pink skirt (any style), hair in bun.

Beginner 1 Ballet girls: lavender leotard (any style), hair in bun, no skirts.

Beginner 2/3 & Beginner 4th-7th Ballet girls: royal leotard (any style), hair in bun, no skirts.

Beginner 4 Ballet girls: burgundy leotard (any style), hair in bun, no skirts.

Intermediate 1 Ballet girls: navy leotard (any style), hair in bun – skirt optional for pointe.

Intermediate 2/3 Ballet girls: black leotard (any style), hair in bun – skirt optional for pointe.

Advanced Ballet and Teen/Adult Ballet ladies: leotard (any color or style), hair in bun – skirts ok.

Jazz: Hair pulled back. Any color or style of leotard, tights, bike-a-tard, unitard, bike shorts, leggings, jazz pants; must be flexible and show body lines. NO jeans, jeans shorts, school clothes, sweat pants. No big t-shirt cover-ups. Jazz shoes, black, inexpensive ones OK for beginner kids; 2nd year and up and teens/adults should have split-soled, better oxfords.

Hip-Hop: Clothing you can dance in, black dance sneakers (these are made specifically for dance class) for all classes except Teen/Adult Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop 5th-7th which require clean shoes dedicated to the dance studio that are never worn outside.

Tap: Just like Jazz except black Tap shoes. Inexpensive patent leather OK for Tap K/1st Graders. NO Velcro closures. 2nd grade and up and teens/adults should have better-brand (Fuzi,Bloch, Capezio, etc.) oxford-style shoes.

Contemporary:  Hair pulled back, dancewear and socks – DO NOT use fabric softener when laundering as it can make floors slippery.)

Parent/Child, Barre Time, Yoga, Dance Conditioning and Downs at Dance: barefeet, socks or dance shoes, clothing that you can move in (all require a mat except Downs’ at Dance.)