All tuition payments are due in advance, during the 1st week of each 4-week Period or during the 1st two weeks of each Quarter (12 weeks). A list of payment due dates is included – please mark these on your calendar. (If it is easier for you, you may pay tuition at the beginning of each calendar month, Sept. thru May – ahead of the beginning of the 4-week Periods.) Statements will not be sent unless an account becomes over-due; it is your responsibility to keep your tuition up to date. Tuition is considered overdue after the second week of each 4-week Period; we reserve the right to bar from participation in class any student who is 2 weeks behind in tuition payments more than once.

Tuition is non-refundable. Credit will not be carried over or transferred. There is a $10 service charge on all returned checks. There is no 3% Quarterly Discount on tuition received after the second week of the Quarter. Please make tuition checks payable to Johansen Olympia Dance Center and in the “memo’ section write the student’s name, day and time of class, type and level of class.


Please be prompt — perhaps the most important part of any class is the first few minutes of warm-up exercises and we can’t wait for latecomers. We intend to make every effort to keep classes starting and ending on time. Please pick up your child promptly at the end of class-especially after last class of the day. Children are expected to wait inside the building for their pick-up. Regular attendance is a must-it will be considered highly in class placement.

Absences & Missed Lessons

All absences must be paid for. Absences will be considered “excused” and a make-up lesson may be taken within the paid-for Period or Quarter (or – if you are a continuing student -during the next week if missed during last week of Period); after that, the absence is considered “unexcused” and the right to a make-up lesson has been forfeited. You may make-up lessons ahead of absences if you wish; please let the roll-taker know you are making up a class and for what date. Please let us know when you must miss a class for illness or another reason and check on the make-up schedule. No children’s make-up lessons should be taken with other classes after May 1 as all classes will be preparing for the Recital. Make-ups MAY NOT be accumulated and used as a full or partial Period’s tuition. Tuition is non-refundable. Should you decide not to continue your classes, you forfeit your tuition through the end of that 4-week Period or Quarter. When you register, you are registering for the full school-year or summer session; you do not need to re-register each Quarter.

Should you decide for any reason not to continue, we appreciate 2 weeks advance notice in which to fill your place in class: if you quit without notifying us, you will be billed for 2 weeks’ tuition at the single-class rate. We strongly urge you to help your child develop a “finish what I’ve started” attitude. In most aspects of life, much is gained by carrying projects through to completion – in children’s dance, this means beginning with weekly classes learning technique, continuing thru the seemingly endless repetitions of rehearsing for the recital or demonstration, and culminating in the fun and rewarding experience of the performance at the end of the hard work.

Bad Traveling Conditions

In case of bad conditions (snow, ice, earthquake, etc.), you can check our Facebook and Instagram pages. Decisions on closures of afternoon classes are not made until approximately noon, so please listen to the afternoon broadcasts. There are no tuition credits given for bad conditions closures; any classes missed due to bad conditions may be made up with another class just like any other absence.

Observation of Classes

[columnize]The first lesson of each 4-week Period is classroom observation day; tuition-due and observation days are the same and are listed elsewhere. On observation day, parents, friends and relatives may sit in the classroom and watch classes. Parents: please try to attend as many observation days as possible. Your dancer really appreciates your support (even though she/he may claim the opposite!) AND it gives an informal opportunity for you to talk to the teacher and the teacher to talk to you. In order to make this lesson as productive as possible in regard to student progress, we ask that everyone observe the following rules:

  • Please watch quietly and stay well off the dance floor. Conversations between visitors or with students is distracting and anyone doing this may be asked to leave the room, as will be crying or loudly playing small children.
  • Try not to enter or exit during classes (especially younger kids’ classes).
  • No street shoes on dance floors.
  • Out-of-town guests or parents with difficult schedules may observe at other times with permission.

It is helpful for the students’ home practice at Recital time for the parent to bring a notebook and take notes during the rehearsal part of class, bring a video camera to record recital music, even learn and dance the dance yourself! All classes in May and early June are open for this purpose.

Parents wishing a private conference regarding their child’s progress or any serious problem are requested to make an appointment or phone us. We wish to make every student’s lessons very pleasant experiences as well as worthwhile development; if you or your child feel unhappy or discouraged about something involved with classes here for more than 2 lessons, please confer with the teacher or the Directors. We appreciate your positive suggestions and are happy to discuss any of your concerns.

Discipline & Safety

We expect and respect proper discipline at all times. Our teachers are very capable of maintaining order in the classrooms, but we ask that parents be responsible for any other children they may bring with them. NO STREET SHOES are allowed in the class rooms. Johansen Olympia Dance Center maintains proper safeguards at all times but makes no representatives, either expressed or implied regarding the physical capabilities of any student, although activities are planned to meet the overall requirements of each class. We expect parents or adult students to notify us of any physical limitations due to illness or injury that a student may have. We are not responsible for injuries sustained while traveling to or from our facilities or outside our building. Do not leave valuables in the dressing rooms; they may be carried into classrooms and placed where instructor designates during class; the school can’t be responsible for any losses of personal property or valuables.